Are You In This For The Right Reasons?

Have you opened a new float centre expecting to rake in the dough or are you thinking of opening up in this booming industry?

Admittedly, I have not been around the float industry for a very long time but I'm willing and patient enough to study from those who have been around for five or more years now in order to learn as much as I can.

A lot of float centres are opening up in cities big and small across Canada and if you're doing your research you might be alarmed to see float centres closing down their businesses.

What gives if this is a growing industry?

There are no get-rich-quick businesses in the float industry.

People evangelize floating as if you will be reborn into the world anew after your float. Floating may be the best thing that most people can do to unplug from the world around us and reduce stress and in my opinion, it is.

But opening a float centre or any business in the modern world is not Field of Dreams.

If you build it they will not come. They are preoccupied with a million other things going on and thousands of advertising messages bombarding them each and every day.

You need to stand out tall and proud for the world to catch a glimmer of your marketing in this crazy world we live in.

You need to reach out to your clientele where their attention is preoccupied and make your mission clear.

You need to be ready to hustle for the next ten years, not ten weeks or ten months. And if you're not ready to work without earning a nickel during that time. (I'd say penny but the cost of living has gone up and pennies no longer exist).

You need to be ready to weather the storm because winter is coming.