Opening a Float Centre - Sustainable Changes and Achieving Your Big Goals

When it comes to dreaming of opening a float centre, you've got some big, lofty goals ahead of you. The threshold of passing from one year to the next sparks a lot of latent energy for most people to push them towards the change they want to see in their lives.

Businesses often use the start of the new year to look forward to setting lofty goals, although the year often cycles around the financial calendar and need not be based on January 1. It's in the sustainable little changes that we see our greatest goals accomplished.

Colleen Hunt gets into this on the FlowCast this week. With her business partner at Naturally Nested, she has lofty goals for her young business but is focussed on what she can do at the macro scale to keep moving forward.

Getting a float centre from conception to open doors is a massive endeavour and often a multi-year process.

The bigger goals throughout the journey and the steps to get there will be unclear to you in the beginning. It takes practice and experience to figure out how you're going to accomplish what you've dreamed up. But the more that you can look at what sustainable changes you can make right now, the better you'll be at doing things that stick long-term.

As Colleen says, picture it like this: if you look at making the smallest, sustainable change once per week, you can build up many new habits over the course of the year but it will feel vastly different than the overwhelm of trying to do it all at once.

52 new changes or habits essentially makes you a new person in a year. 52 small steps will build you your float centre.

It's the same when looking to be 1% better, whether for yourself or for your goal of opening a business. Strive to be just one percent better each day or each week and you'll 100% different before you know it. Apply the same rule to everything that goes into opening a float centre and you'll get through all of the challenges. 

We all envision this perfect future life and the simplest way of achieving the perfect future life is to start with a perfect day, and then a perfect week, a perfect month, and so on.

To get to the perfect day you just have to start by making your day 1% better.

Opening any business, especially a float centre, is far from perfect but we can always try to improve. 

So get in the routine of reflecting on your day before you go to sleep and ask yourself how you can be 1% better tomorrow?