Where To Get Float Hydrometers In Canada

Float hydrometers, often known as battery hydrometers, are one of the most essential tools in the float centre tool kit. 

These precarious and fragile devices measure the relative density of the float tank water and answer the question of will you float?

Most battery hydrometers are made of glass, meaning they are prone to breaking, so I suggest you use a measuring cup or some other plastic vessel to scoop the water out of the float tank for testing purposes. 

You are bound to break a hydrometer at some point, probably a few, and maybe even before it is out of the packaging - which has happened to me before. 

The good news is that you can get them for $8 dollars from the automotive department of any Canadian Tire.

From what I've heard you are much better off going with a glass battery hydrometer because they work more reliably.

If you do try a plastic one or use one in your float centre, let me know!