Find Your Flow

As the recognition of the Flow Spa brand continues to grow, franchise opportunities are available for those looking for a new call to adventure.

As part of the Flow Spa team, you receive a powerful formula for successfully constructing and launching a business in one of the most challenging industries to get off the ground. Experience plays an important role in properly constructing and driving customers into float centres and that’s where the value of Flow Spa comes in.

As a Flow Spa franchisee, you will receive world-class support and training in:

  • Business success and financial planning, including support in getting your business funded.

  • Construction and build-out assistance to properly build your float centre and save you money both in the short and long-term.

  • Operations, maintenance, and staff training.

  • Customer experience training for building a base of raving fans.

  • Expert marketing to attract and retain more clients with the Flow Spa brand.

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Business and start-up consultations are also available for those who have their own vision but need some guidance.