Muse is a leader in consumer neurofeedback devices. The Muse headband is a guided meditation device that reads your EEG live and provides feedback in the form of nature sounds to guide you towards a more relaxed mind state during meditation. When your mind is distracted, rain and windstorms get louder and when you’ve found your calm state, the weather settles down and bird chirps reward the meditative state you are in. It’s easier demonstrated than explained which is why we offer our Muse headband for free use in our lounge at Flow Spa. It can be used to compare the before and after effects of float therapy on the stillness of your mind or done at any other time to practice meditation. As a Muse ambassador, we can also offer you a 15% discount when purchasing any products, including the guided meditation headbands from Muse to start your own daily practice with. 

If shopping online you’ll automatically save 15% at checkout with our ambassador link.


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